Kiron's Crayons


First Blog Post/Hiatus Notice

Hello, everyone!

Man, has it been a long time! Hope all is well, and, as always, thank you for taking the time to come to my website! The the young visitors that I know very well: this is the blog that I said I was going to put up weeks ago... sorry for the late post! Life has been busy over the course of a couple weeks. I moved! That takes time, effort and a LOT of mental fortitude. 

That being said, I've been on a hiatus for the past week. It will continue into the month of July until... I really don't know when! I have to get back to the basics of art, become a master at Photoshop, Illustrator and Animate, and completely move into my new home. I've got lots to do these next couple of weeks and I just ask that you all bear with me. I can promise you all that I will provide quality art for you in the near future, just not right this second. I won't be gone for too much longer.

Before I go, I must also say this: The Hive Mind is coming full throttle in the month of August. I put that project on hold for too long, and you all deserve the rest of the convoluted story that I was just supposed to be bee puns. Soon. I promise.

Feel free to comment with any questions or comments on anything. But, until I post again, peace out.