Kiron's Crayons



Hello my friends who still visit this site!

Haha, I’m never active on here and for those who come to see my work, I do apologize for that. I’m usually more on Instagram but I do understand that not all of you have that app, so I have to do a better job posting my artwork here. I will get better at that.

Anyway! I got an iPad Pro! It’s an older version, but a Pro nonetheless. With that, I got an Apple Pencil and Procreate! I’ve realized how convenient all of these things are; I love my Wacom Tablet, but it’s just too heavy to lug around in my bag all day. Plus, Photoshop has been acting up lately and/or my tablet’s “scratch disks” are always full for some reason even after I erase what I need to. Oh well. I’ll definitely still use it, but I’m going to transition to Procreate for a bit.

With that being said, I’ve got some fun news! Because Procreate it so easy to use, I’m going to start “The Hive Mind” back up again! This means that I’m starting from the very beginning; I’m going to redo all of the chapters I’ve done. This will be a very fun project and I’m looking forward to starting/continuing this comic!

Ok! That’s all I got! I’ll be back to give you all more information. Also I’ll post some more art later today; nothing huge, just new stuff!



Kiron Blackwood